Mesh, Spray adhesive & Breather

Infusion meshes, multi-purpose spray adhesive and Teflon mould release product.

PRO-VAC Infusion meshes

We know that the speed of the resin is critical, when it comes to planning and executing an infusion strategy. This is why we have engineered out infusion meshes to match and even surpass the products that are currently in the market.

We have analyzed the current meshes that are being used and have designed our products to behave in a similar way. The extruded grid mesh has been designed so that the flow is even in all directions; therefore there is no difference in speed between the machine and transvers directions.

PRO-VAC spray adhesive

There are many different types of spray adhesive in the composite market place; our PRO-FIX is a product that we have worked hard on developing to cover most of the industrial requirements. The adhesive has been designed to be used with all fabric types (glass, carbon and aramid), it is also successfully used at bonding core material in place (balsa and foams) and can be used to bond PRO-VAC consumables in place during lay-up.

PRO-VAC Breather Fabric

We currently only offer one weight of breather fabric in our standard range, we can of course offer various different weight and types of non-woven, but we only have a requirement for one type to have a stock holding.

Breather is designed to aid in the evacuation of air from the dry composite fibers or pre preg layers during the de bulking process at room temperature; it also behaves as an open channel for gasses to escape during curing at elevated temperature and pressure whilst the laminate is still in its liquid phase before curing.

If you cannot find what you are looking for above it is possible for us to design special products, please contact PRO-VAC technical staff with your requirements or ideas.