Technical Services

Technical Services and bespoke product development

At PRO-VAC it’s our mission to provide excellent service to our customers in every way possible. Whether it be expediting one roll or developing a complex infusion strategy.

For 12-years PRO-VAC has been at the forefront of process engineering and product development in the composite industry, involved in many ground-breaking process changes and having a hand in creating products that are now classed as industrial standards. This has allowed PRO-VAC access to many impressive and varied composite process environments around the globe gaining invaluable knowledge along the way.

Having aving HF Industri & Marine as our mother company we have access to the full spectrum of products needed to produce composite parts in hand laminating, wet vacuum bagging, infusion and pre preg. This means that we can perform inhouse tests, develop new products and novel process approaches using materials that are available and are being utilised in the composites marketplace.

We like to bring the following to our customers as a service to develop a fruitful relationship

  • Technical process advice
  • Development of a new or novel product
  • Product selection
  • Kitting solutions
  • Infusion strategy
  • Tips and tricks for vacuum bagging
  • Best practices

If you are looking for a new product, some advice regarding your process or an on-site technical visit get in touch, we’ll find a solution for you.

It’s all part of the service.