Epoxy compatible spray adhesive

PRO-FIX 51 is designed for use in the manufacture of items in polyester, vinyl-ester or epoxy composites – in particular using infusion and RTM technologies – for the dry positioning of glass reinforcement and core materials in moulds.

Process benefits

  • High adhesion strength with gelcoat, barrier-coat, glass fibre matting and fibreglass laminates;
  • Full compatibility with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins;
  • Does no compromise the mechanical performance of laminates, even if used in higher quantities that actual requirements
  • Does not threaten or inhibit the correct polymerization of resins;
  • Does not weaken the degree of inter-laminar adhesion between the different layers of a laminate.
  • Contains a blue colorant which makes it possible to assess and regulate the quantity applied, the colour disappears during polymerization.


FX 51 must be sprayed by applying a uniform layer of adhesive on one or both the surfaces to be adhered.

The time required before PRO-FIX 51 develops its full adhesive strength is affected by the ambient conditions (ambient temperature, humidity, air flow over the surface being treated) and by the thickness applied, varying from 30 seconds to a few minutes. High temperatures and good air circulation encourage evaporation of the solvent phase and accelerate adhesive performance. Conversely, the application of high thicknesses of material (indicated by an intense blue colouration), which might be required with heavy weight fabrics or very porous materials, slows the process.

After this period the fabric (or core material) can be positioned by ensuring that it adheres well to the surface, and the operation repeated for subsequent layers. The adhesive retains its repositionable characteristics for a few minutes after application of the reinforcement: the duration of this period varies in relation to the thickness of FX 51 applied, the temperature, and the ambient conditions in general.

For aerosol application, hold the spray about 20 to 30cm from the surface and spray an even film of adhesive onto one or both surfaces to be adhered.

The quantity of PRO-FIX 51 to be applied depends on the type of surface onto which it is sprayed and by the weight of the material to be adhered.

Smooth non-absorbent surfaces like gelcoat, barrier-coat, or fibreglassmoulds require small quantities of adhesive, while porous surfaces (e.g. expanded PVC and PU) or highly absorbent surfaces (e.g. chopped strand mat) require the application of greater volumes in order to achieve the required adhesion.

With the fibreglass materials most commonly used in the infusion process (bi-axial, combi, etc.) the average yield can be calculated at around 60 to 100 m2 with 1kg of PRO-FIX 51 applied by using an air brush or similar system. An aerosol container is sufficient for the treatment of an average area of 15 to 25 m2.

Technical details and training

For further technical information and training please contact our technical staff to organize a product demonstration.

Packaging and storage

Store in original packaging at room temperature (20°C).
Shelf life is 24 months.