Non-chlorinated aerosol adhesive designed to hold reinforcing fibres in place during the infusion process of fibreglass resin without affecting the integrity of the system.

Designed to give a temporary hold for fibreglass materials prior to the application of fibreglass resin or gel coat when building up composites.

Can also be used as a general purpose contact adhesive in a wide range of applications.

Not suitable for use with plasticised PVC or expanded polystyrene.

Technical data

Part number PRO-FIX 2
Type Aerosol Adhesive
Base Synthetic Rubber/Resin
Application Method Aerosol Spray
Application Temp +5°C to +40°C
Packaging 500ml aerosol cans and 14.3kg cannisters


  • Shake before use.

  • Surface should be clean, dry and free from grease.

  • Spray adhesive from 6” – 8” away onto the surface.

  • Do not wet surface

  • Allow to dry for 10-60 seconds until tacky, and then press fiberglass material into position.

  • Excess adhesive can be removed with a solvent cleaner or white spirit.

  • To prevent spray nozzle from blocking, at the end of each period of use, turn the can upside down and press. nozzle until spray is clear of adhesive.

Storage Lift

12 months when stored between 5  and 25  in clean dry shaded conditions in original unopened containers