About us

Dynamic products developed from more than 20 years’ experience

The PRO-VAC range was established in 2011 based on more than 20 years of vast experience within the composite market. Our in-depth knowledge of the vacuum process materials has created the streamlined product offering, specially developed to fulfil the needs of the technically advanced composites markets of today.

PRO-VAC is based on our desire to offer the market a slimmed down range of readily accessible products to fill every requirement within the composite process, and we have created a range that covers the whole spectrum from low temperature wet lay-up and infusion to autoclave curing.

The PRO-VAC range consists of technical products that have been engineered with our strategic manufacturing partners; the standard range is under 30 products which includes ancillaries (hoses and fittings). Having a small product offering helps you select materials that suit your process, and encourages dialogue if special products are required, which in turn develops a more personal relationship with our customers.

Flexibility, on-site development and strong customer support

We have created a niche for ourselves in today’s competitive market place through our flexibility and commitment to understanding your needs both commercially and technically. We give you technical support and on-site development at no extra cost, believing that understanding your needs and what the materials are used for is the most important part of the customer relationship.

We are capable and have a vast experience of developing infusion networks/strategies and implementing them on prototypes or even directly into production if required, our experience runs from small highly engineered carbon composite structures up to large nonstructural and structural glass fiber components and everything in-between.

With the help of our excellent manufacturing supply base, we continuously develop new products specifically for our customers. We can offer new innovations with fast turnaround time and small minimum order requirements. These types of materials are developed in a close co-operation with you, ensuring that we manufacture a material that works in your production environment, be it humidity issues (high or low), burst requirements, perforation specifications, flow speeds, adhesion, kitting etc.

A strong distribution system and short delivery times

Our head office in Denmark has a large stock of the whole PRO-VAC standard range and this combined with a select offering at our distribution partners throughout Europe enables short delivery times. We can also ship directly from the manufacturer if necessary. Our distribution partners are selected because their experience and understanding of the products matches ours.

The Team

Hans Fokdal
Managing Director
Anna Fokdal
Sales & Purchase
Antonio Carrasco Mendez
Technical Contact and Sales
Birgitte Marie Nielsen
Sales & Purchase