An 85g/m2 heat set and scoured PET peel ply fabric

Designed for hand lamination and the vacuum infusion process.

Has a light red tracer as a visible indicator to reducing the possibility of any peel ply being left on the laminate.

The fabric leaves a finish that can aid in the sanding or grinding of the laminate.

This product can be used with Phenolic resins as well as all other standard resin systems but we do recommend that trails are conducted to evaluate compatibility.

Technical data

Part number PRO-VAC P85
Colour Natural with light red colour tracer
Width 0-1500 mm
Length 100m / roll
Area Weight (g/m2) 85 g/m2 +/- 3%
Maximum use temperature 180°C
*please note that the maximum use temperature is process specific, therefore we recommend that tests are performed on the peel ply prior to use at elevated temperatures.

Packaging and storage

It is recommended that the peel ply are stored in a cool and dry environment. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 10 ~ 30°C and relative humidity between 50 ~ 75%. The peel ply should remain in the packaging until just prior to use.