For autoclave and oven curing up to 204°C

100% nylon film with a softer feel in all environments.

The film has been designed for the high demands of todays advanced composites clean rooms.

Typically used in autoclave processing of epoxy and BMI resin prep preg systems.

Technical data

Part number PRO-VAC 225EX-50 PRO-VAC 225EX-75
Colour Pink
Width Up to 2.3m tube or v-sheet Up to 2.3m tube or v-sheet
Thickness 50μ +/- 10% 75μ +/- 10% ISO 4593
Elongation strength (break) MD 380% +/- 10% 430% +/- 10% ASTM D882
TD 380% +/- 10% 470% +/- 10% ASTM D882
Tensile strength (break) MD 90 N/mm2 +/- 10% 90 N/mm2 +/- 10% ASTM D882
TD 65 N/mm2 +/- 10% 85 N/mm2 +/- 10% ASTM D882
Maximum use temp 204°C

Packaging and storage

Standard packaging is a strong bubble plastic; the rolls can be packaged in cardboard tubes if requested by customer.

This film contains a significant percentage of nylon which is hydrophobic therefore the film’s characteristics may change dependent on workshop and storage environment. The lower the humidity, the stiffer the film will feel.

Store in original packaging.