For low temperature cure up to 120°C

A tough, puncture resistant co-extrusion of polyolefin and nylon based resins which are designed for use in the production of polyester/vinylester resin infused components for the wind energy, marine and general composite industries. The can also be used with epoxy resin systems but prior testing is advised to check chemical resistance.

Limited sensitivity to low humidity levels which are often problematic to predominantly nylon based films as the lack of moisture can reduce flexibility, this ensures consistent year long performance in all workshop environments.VACUUM BAGGING FILMS For low temperature cure up to 120°C

Technical data

Part number PRO-VAC 150-LG-75 PRO-VAC 150-LG-80
Colour Light Green
Width 4m, 6m, 8m, & 10m 12m & 16m
Thickness 75μ +/-10%, 80μ +/-10%, ISO 4593
Elongation strength (break) MD 470% +/- 10% 500% +/- 10% ASTM D882
TD 500% +/- 10% 500% +/- 10% ASTM D882
Tensile strength (break) MD 37 N/mm2 +/- 10% 38 N/mm2 +/- 10% ASTM D882
TD 33 N/mm2 +/- 10% 34 N/mm2 +/- 10% ASTM D882
Tear strength MD 1,3N +/- 10% 1,3N +/- 10% 1S06383-1
Tear strength TD 1,5N +/-10% 1,5N +/-10% 1S06383-1
Maximum use temp 120°C

Packaging and storage

Standard packaging is a strong bubble plastic; the rolls can be packaged in cardboard tubes if requested by customer.
This film contains a significant percentage of nylon which is hydrophobic therefore the film’s characteristics may change dependent on
workshop and storage environment. The lower the humidity, the stiffer the film will feel.
Store in original packaging.