Resin infusion release film and mesh combination product

PRO-VAC RE-MESH is a cost effective combination product consisting of our PRO-VAC 500 P31 polyolefin release film and our blue PROVAC KM150B 150gsm knitted infusion mesh. The 2 products are bonded together using a fine layer of industry standard adhesive. By design the product has many advantages that help stream line product, mainly because of the ease of handling compared to the 2 products separately.

Main advantages

  • Easier to handle, cut/kit and place in the mould.
  • Less tape and/or spray adhesive required for holding in place.
  • Less time taken for infusion set up.
  • Only have to purchase 1 item instead of 2, therefore reduction in inventory.

Technical data

  • PRO-VAC 500 P31 – 120°C polyolefin release film with a P31 perforation pattern for maximum wet out and ease of release.
  • PRO-VAC KM150B – 120°C Polyethylene infusion mesh, medium flow for maximum control.
  • 1,45m wide x 100m long rolls.