PRO-VAC 575-B-15

High temperature fluoropolymer release film

Designed for high temperature curing of advanced composite materials.

Compatible for use with a wide range of commonly used resins systems in the oven and autoclave.

High strength and toughness with excellent release properties.

Offered as Standard P3 perforation pattern and non-perforated.

Technical data

Part number PRO-VAC 575-B-15
Thickness 15 +/- 10% μ ISO 4593
Width 1530 -0+2% mm
Length 153 +/- 2% m
Tensile strength (break) MD >40 N/mm2 EN ISO 527-3
Tensile strength (break) TD >40 N/mm2 EN ISO 527-3
Tensile Strain (break) MD >100 % EN ISO 527-3
Tensile Strain (Break) TD >100 % EN ISO 527-3
Max use temperature 230 °C
*A illustration of our Perforation specification can be issued on request.

Packaging and storage

Film is supplied in strong bubble plastic.
Store in original packaging