PRO-VAC 550-Y-30

High temperature release film

Amid temperature range, highly flexible polypropylene based release film.

It is suitable for use with epoxy prepreg up to 150°C and may be used in resin infusion applications with a wide range of resin systems however we recommend small scale trials prior to committing to large infusion mouldings.

The film is available yellow in colour with with P31 (approx 6 holes per cm2) for vacuum infusion and standard P3 Perforation pattern for hand lamination and pre preg.

The perforations are hot needled to ensure even resin saturation is achieved throughout the laminate. + Also available in other thickness

Technical data

Part number PV550-Y-30
Density 0.89-0.91 g/cm3 ASTM D1505/ ISO/R 1183
Thickness 30 +/- 10% μ ISO 4593
Width 1500 nominal -0+2% mm
Length 250 m
Tensile strength at break MD 60 +/- 10%
TD 35 +/- 10% N/mm2 ASTM D882
Elongation at break MD 480 +/- 10%
TD 780 +/- 10% % ASTM D882
Max use temperature 153 °C ISO 306

Packaging and storage

Film is supplied in strong bubble plastic
Store in original packaging.