Peel Ply Fabric

At PRO-VAC we are no stranger to the dangers of purchasing peel ply, especially when it comes to purchasing large quantities. This knowledge has lead us to investigate every detail of the peel ply production method and impose a strict processing specification on the manufacturing of the product we purchase.

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Weaving and contaminant free cleaning

We have a very reliable manufacturer, who understands the product they are making (weaving and contaminant free cleaning) and just as important they understand the end use of the peel ply in the composite industry.

We both understand the issues that arise from:

  • Contaminants within the fibres
  • Residual coatings on the fabric (silicone etc.) from an unclean cleaning bath
  • None heat stabilized dyes and tracers fabrics
  • Use of low cost fibres in a Nylon 66 product

Therefore, we only purchase Nylon 66 and Polyester peel ply, which is heat set and washed through a contaminant free washing bath, ensuring very low levels – if any – of contaminants within or on the product.