PRO-VAC HFVL-2 is an improved and undated version of our high quality micro porous vacuum line which allows air to flow consistently through itself as well as acting as a resin barrier throughout the vacuum infusion process.

PRO-VAC HFVL-2 consists of a combination of products that have been brought together to make a user friendly and easy hand able robust product.

Adhesive was chosen as the sealing agent between the layers because during our extensive testing of the PRO-VAC HFVL-2 we found that this method of sealing (instead of welding) produced a much higher quality and durable seal.

Process benefits

  • Allows for less complex infusion strategies therefore can reduce labor time.
  • Excellent vacuum compaction throughout the process resulting in a better-quality laminate.
  • Small footprint on the laminate surface.
  • Releases easily from all know resin systems.
  • Can be used as a single point vacuum outlet to combat troublesome dry areas in already established process.
  • Does not contain resin after cure therefore no issues with marking due to exotherm.
  • Reduced amount of resin required for the process because no resin is wasted in the vacuum lines and catch pots.
  • Max processing temp of 120ÂșC


Widths: 140 mm and 180 mm wide.
Length: 100m long rolls.

Technical details and training

For further technical information and training please contact our technical staff to organize a product demonstration.