Infusion ancillaries

We identified that there was a significant gap in the market for a good quality off the shelf ancillaries’ range, so we designed and developed a fully interconnecting range, which has been successfully used in the industry for many years.

PRO-VAC infusion ancillaries

All the products have been designed to be robust and withstand the elevated temperatures that can occur when the resin systems is generating heat due to the isotherm.

Ancillaries are available in 10 mm, 12 mm and 18 mm diameters as standards

  • T-pieces
  • Taps
  • Omega profile – 16 mm i/dn interface
  • Infusion block – through bag connector
  • L-connectors for the block
  • Infusion hose for resin introduction
  • Spiral hoses for resin feed
  • Reinforced hoses for the vacuum

It is possible for us to manufacture customer kits for customers, who have high volume repeatable productions, please contact us for details.

PRO-VAC micron porous membrane complex

PRO-VAC HFVL is a cost effective high quality micron porous vacuum line, which allows air to flow consistently through itself as well as acting as a resin barrier throughout the vacuum infusion process.

PRO-VAC HFVL consists of a combination of products that have been brought together to make a user friendly product.

Process benefits

  • Allows for less complex infusion strategies and therefore can reduce labour time and consumable used
  • Excellent vacuum compaction throughout the process resulting in a better quality laminate
  • Releases easily from all know resin systems
  • Can be used as a single point vacuum outlet to combat troublesome dry areas in already established process
  • Does not contain resin after cure, therefore there is no issues with marking due to exotherm
  • Reduced amount of resin required for the process because no resin is wasted in the vacuum lines

If you cannot find what you are looking for above it is possible for us to design special products, please contact PRO-VAC technical staff with your requirements or ideas.